Train you for what? To sing? Absolutely. To enjoy singing? Of course. To begin to shed your nervousness singing in public? Yes. To know how to sing the best that you can, and then how to sing better? Real soon. To get a record contract and become a star?


Yes, I heard the question. No, I can't make you a star. Call the telephone company and they can provide you with phone service that will reach around the world. You can receive and initiate calls, fax transmissions, and video images. But they won't make your lover call. They won't surprise you with a fax that'll change your life. If you don't sign up for service you'll probably miss the most important call of your life, whatever it is. If you don't attach the fax machine, you'll hear only some indistinguishable sounds over your telephone receiver.


I can help you with the equipment to understand and appreciate your singing voice, and better appreciate yourself. I will show you how to nurture the voice, develop it, and take care of it. If you love to sing, I will further that love. If you ache to sing, I will help you connect to those feelings to produce your fullest and most exciting singing voice.

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