Singing Lessons/Voice Instruction
General Policies

Each lesson runs for a fifty-five minute hour, and begins promptly at the appointed time. If I'm running late, we will work the full fifty-five. If you're running late, I can accommodate you only as it does not inconvenience others.

After their first lesson, new students are accepted and scheduled to a minimum commitment of three additional weeks.

Sessions are scheduled weekly, usually at the same hour. Lessons at regular intervals are as important to your consistent progress as is the keeping of your appointments to my personal and financial planning and stability. Cancellations occur only from prolonged professional obligations or vacations, in every case planned and discussed in advance. To avoid paying for a missed appointment, you must speak to me about a conflict a MINIMUM of twenty-four hours in advance. That gives me the opportunity to rearrange my schedule. When you call about the conflict, we will reschedule that week's session.

We can talk about money if it is an occasional problem. Arrangements can be made for postponed payment, at the latest when a lesson begins. Advance payment discounts may be negotiated.

The first four hours will be paid in cash; checks are accepted thereafter. A fee of ten dollars or my charge (whichever is the greater) will be charged for a check returned for any reason.

Much of my clientele comes to me from referrals. I offer to an existing student a free thirty minute session once their referral has completed the initial four-week period of study.



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