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From Last Season's Rave Reviews:

"Arthur Kirson, the ultimate showman...Jay Kerr..enabled the pair to deliver better produced musical numbers than are usually possible in a cabaret...a lighthearted, uplifting, feel-good show."

-Dr. T.R. Stevens, Applause! Applause!


"Our Own Song Book" - Arthur Kirson & Jay Kerr with Adam Kerr

Reviewed 4/25/99 at 8:30 p.m.
by Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens

Jay Kerr composed the music and Arthur Kirson wrote the lyrics for all of the songs presented in this show, "Our Own Song Book."  Arthur Kirson, the ultimate showman, appeared on stage to sing the songs dressed in a jacket with a flashy vest underneath, a red rose pinned to his lapel, and a red handkerchief in his jacket pocket. He gave each of the songs all the energy he could muster and his enthusiasm was infectious. His musical partner, Jay Kerr, accompanied on piano and on an Ensoniq Synthesizer, which actually worked into the act quite well and enabled the pair to deliver better produced musical numbers than are usually possible in a cabaret room. The very talented and good looking Adam Kerr, Jay's son, played guitar and helped with back-up vocals. Arthur Kirson said of Adam Kerr, "The boys like him, the girls like him and none of you can have him; everyone loves our Adam." Adam Kerr is a find who I am pleased to report may soon be putting together his own act which I would urge all of you to catch.

There are some truly wonderful and interesting songs in this show, most of which are available to other cabaret artists who are looking for some new and exciting material. My favorites were, "Cabaret! Cabaret! Cabaret!", "Old Time Broadway Star", "Isn't it Remarkable?", "I Hate People". "P-Town", "Hetero Love Song", and "Kevin, Come Home", a personal love song from Arthur Kirson to his idol, Kevin Spacey. I hope that Mr. Spacey makes the effort to come down and to hear the song in person. It is a remarkable tribute to him and I am certain that he will be flattered. Also presented in the program were, "As Long as I Love You", "Life is a Wonderful Thing", "Dang It!", "City Person", "Cachuki", "Lulu", "I Was Loving You", "Christmas Won't be Christmas", "New York in the Rain", "A Million Dreams", and "Virginia", a tribute to the state which contains the memorable line, "Once you feel Virginia, there's no going back".

Arthur Kirson, Jay Kerr and Adam Kerr offered up a very enjoyable evening of entertainment. If you are looking for a lighthearted, uplifting, feel-good show or if you are a cabaret artist on the lookout for some new material, do not fail to catch the next presentation of the Kerr/Kirson song book. You'll be glad you did!

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