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"Songs My Husband Wrote"

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Songs My Husband Wrote (2000)
Lyric by Jay
I Want More (1999)
Lyric by Arthur Kirson
Jay & Arthur have written over forty songs together, and perform them together in evenings entitled, Our Own Song Book.
Think I'm Falling in Love with You (1972)
Lyric by Jay
From The First Year; about surviving the first twelve months of marriage.
If You Got the Time (1974)
Lyric by Jay
This song debuted in the production,W*A*S*P, A Musical Revenge, in Los Angeles.
My Dream (1999)
Lyric by Arthur Kirson
Codependency Blues (1995)
Lyric by Jay
From a show entitled, The Women in my Life, about a piano player and
the women in his life.
It's Alright to Cry (1991)
Lyric by Barbara Lewin
Where Is the Maid? (1986)
Music & Lyrics by Jay & Carmel Rosa
From the one-woman show, Lady Fashion, loosely based on the life of Diana Vreeland. A one-woman show firmly based on Vreeland's life was a hit several years later. Lesson: hang loose; write firm. Lady F 's backers audition was held the day after the market crash in 1988.
Christmas Won't Be Christmas (1999)
Lyric by Arthur Kirson
I Wanna Be a Voice (1998)
Lyric by Jay
I'm Gonna Get You (1992)
Lyric by Jay
Written for and never sung by Bette Midler's character in the film, Leona, never produced, directed, and co-starring Richard Dreyfuss.
Why Can't You Love Me (1961)
Lyric by Jay
Bird Up There (1970)
Lyric by Jay
More than Magic (1984)
Lyric by Kate Brex
Written near the end of Jay's first marriage by his first wife, about a couple, not them, whose marriage, not theirs, remains intact.
Big Fish in a Little Pond (1988)
Lyric by Jay & Mitchell Uscher
Only a Moment (1991)
Lyric by Jay & Florence Hayle
I Woke One Morning (1997)
Lyric by Norman Beim
From the musical, The Gods Are Only Human, about gods and Greeks.
If It's a Job for a Man (1976)
Lyric by Jay
From Little Red Riding Hood: A Feminist Ecological Musical.
I Love You (1999)
Lyric by Arthur Kirson
I'm So Glad I'm in Love (1971)
Lyric by Jay
Ask Any Man (1968)
Lyric by Jay
Written for the appreciation of Arlene Dahl, who had just written a book with the same title. Arlene did not appreciate it.
Isn't It Remarkable (1999)
Lyric by Arthur Kirson
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